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Cross-Country Skiing Routes near Abertamy


Category: Cross-Country Skiing Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Abertamy


Cross-Country Skiing Routes near Abertamy

Low-difficulty terrain and convenient parking at the access point to the ski trail make Abertamy an ideal location especially for families with children. Those who are only familiarising with skis will find a short groomed circular trail called "Around the Lump" within reach of the parking (technical services complex). More skilled cross-country skiers can set out along the route to Červená jáma, Blatenský vrch (Blatná Hill) with refreshment possibilities at both destinations or further on to Boží Dar, Mílov and Jelení. The classic ski trail via Východní Abertamy (East Abertamy) will take you to Švýcarská bouda (Swiss Lodge, which is currently out of operation) and to Plešivec (refreshments, accommodation). You can also follow the trail to Barbora, Mrtvý rybník (Dead Pond), Hřebečná and back to Abertamy. The surrounding network of ski trails offers an almost unlimited selection of routes of different length and difficulty.


Up-to-date information on the condition of the cross-country skiing routes is available at the Karlovy Vary Region map portal.


Tips for trips:

Abertamy – Červená jáma – Bludná – Blatenský vrch – Pernink – Abertamy 13 km

Abertamy - Hřebečná - Boží Dar 12.3 km 

Abertamy - Hřebečná - Mrtvý rybník – Barbora – Východní Abertamy  14.4 km 

Abertamy - Pernink - Horní Blatná 4.9 km 

Abertamy - Bludná – Mílov/Chapel – Myslivny – Hřebečná – Abertamy 26 km 

Abertamy - Jelení up to the Ore Mountains Main Cross-Country Skiing Route 14.5 km 




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