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Cross-Country Skiing Routes near Pernink


Category: Cross-Country Skiing Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Pernink


Cross-Country Skiing Routes near Pernink

Pernink is a traditional winter sports resort in the Ore Mountains and this is evidenced not only by the high rate of visitors coming to the local ski areas, but also by the dense network of cross-country skiing routes in its surroundings. Moreover, there is an 800m long circular ski trail right in Pernink, which is illuminated in the evening hours and regularly groomed throughout the winter season. Pernink is situated in the heart of the western Ore Mountains and its ski trails lead in all directions: to Jelení, Horní Blatná, Abertamy, or to Boží Dar only 15 km away. In and around Pernink, you will find several access points to the cross-country skiing routes. If you are heading in the direction of Jelení, the access point is in Nádražní Street or at the railway station, when heading to Horní Blatná and Boží Dar, the access point is in Bludenská Street, or at the transmitter tower above Andělská Street if you want to set out to Abertamy. At the so-called "Airport" not far from the transmitter tower, cross-country skiers who enjoy skiing with their dogs will find a groomed 1.5km long circular trail especially designated for them. Another way to get from Pernink to Abertamy is to follow the cycle path, which leads along the road and is regularly groomed for cross-country skiers in the winter season.

As a popular winter resort, Pernink naturally offers a wide selection of accommodation and boarding options, as well as other services to its visitors (e.g. grocery shops, sports equipment shops, a cinema, an information centre, a post office, etc.). Along the cross-country skiing routes within reach of Pernink, skiers may take advantage of several refreshment possibilities – at Spáleniště, Blatenský vrch (Blatná Hill), or at the technical services complex near Abertamy.


Up-to-date information on the condition of the cross-country skiing routes is available at the Karlovy Vary Region map portal.


Tips for trips:

Pernink – Horní Blatná and back 5.7 km

Pernink – Korce – Jelení 10.2 km 

Pernink – Blatenský vrch – Bludná – Červená jáma – Pernink 11.3 km 

Pernink – Hřebečná – Boží Dar 13.4 km 

Pernink - Abertamy – Bludná – Pernink 10.7 km 


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