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Cross-Country Skiing Routes near Nové Hamry


Category: Cross-Country Skiing Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Nové Hamry


Cross-Country Skiing Routes near Nové Hamry

The peculiar character of the countryside surrounding Nové Hamry is predetermined by the picturesque valley of the Rolava River, which brings a markedly colder climate to these parts compared to the surrounding mountain ridges. It is also the reason why snow covers the popular cross-country skiing route from Nové Hamry to Chaloupky longer than usual at this elevation. If you head from Chaloupky to Jelení, you will ski right around the Rolava Raised Bogs National Nature Reserve and nearby, you can connect to the Kammloipe (German ridge ski trail), or you can continue along the Ore Mountains Main Cross-Country Skiing Route to the west to Rolava or to the east to Pernink and Horní Blatná. Cross-country skiers looking for a medium difficulty route can set out from Chaloupky to Vysoká Pec or from Havraní vrch (Raven Hill) along Petrlíkova cesta (Petrlík's Path) to Valeška on a trail 7.6 km long (map). A combination of the cross-country skiing routes connecting Nové Hamry, Vysoká Pec, Vysoká Jedle and Přebuz offers a large number of additional ski trails tailor-made to the skills of any cross-country skier, whether a beginner or an experienced mountaineer.   


Refreshment options along skiing routes: Nové Hamry, Přebuz, Jelení, Vysoká Pec, Henneberg (Germany).


Tips for trips:

Nové Hamry (by fallen bridge) – Havraní vrch – Petrlíkova cesta – Valeška – Nové Hamry 12.1 km 

Nové Hamry (Chaloupky parking) – Chaloupky – Vysoká Pec – Havraní vrch – Nové Hamry 16.7 km 

Nové Hamry – Chaloupky – Jelení – Rolava – Chaloupky – Petrlíkova cesta – Havraní vrch – Nové Hamry 27.5 km

Nové Hamry (Chaloupky parking) – Chaloupky – Jelení – border crossing at Jelení 12.4 km



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