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Collection of the spa cups Loket


Category: Museums Region: Sokolov and its surroundings Town: Loket


Collection of spa cups

Spa cup is a special kind of porcelain, which is used to drink mineral or thermal water directly from spring especialy from Karlsbad.

The collection was founded in 1951 and it´s founder was MUDr. Jaroslav Dolina, who has worked for more than 40 years as a spa physician and a senior doctor in the most important sanatoriums in Karlovy Vary - more about Dr. Dolina's personalities can be found in room No. 1.

Collection is owned by husband and wife Lojínovi (Mrs. Ivana Lojínová is Dr. Dolina´s daughter).

The collection has been continuously expanded for over 65 years by three family generations.

The collection currently contains more than 2300 pieces of cups from the second half of the 18th century till the 1980s and it´s constantly expanding.

It is the most comprehensive set of spa cups that are designed to drink Carlsbad mineral water in the whole world.

Since 2011 it has been registered in the Czech Guinness Book of records.

Most of the cups from the collection are made of porcelain and glass, but also pieces of ceramics, tin or silver.

The vast majority of the spa cups were made in the surrounding porcelain factories such as porcelain factory in Loket, Březová - Karlovy Vary, Horní Slavkov, Staré Role, Chodov, Loučky, Klášterec nad Ohří and others. The oldest porcelain cups were made in porcelain factory of Vienna.

The glass cups were mostly made in the world-famous Moser glassworks in Karlovy Vary.

Standardized content of Karlovy Vary cups is 210 gr.

As additional exhibition you can see items with decorative use of „Vřídlovec“.

Vřídlovec is actually deposited mineral from thermal springs. At the end of World War II, this mineral was used for decorating diverse souvenirs and also objects fom daily use. More in table boxes in room No. 1.


Opening hours

year round from 9.00 to 17.00


Admission fee

CZK 50 per person


Contact data

Address: T.G. Masaryka 77

ZIP: 35733

Phone: +420 603 148 531




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