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Above the Sýkorák Pond, Kynšperk nad Ohří


Category: Nature Trails Region: Sokolov and its surroundings Town: Kynšperk 


The nature trail “Above the Sýkorák Pond” focuses on history, geology, forestry, zoology, and botany. 7 information boards will provide you with interesting information about this location during a short walk.


  1.   Earth surface shapes (tectonic plates movements in the Mariánské Lázně fault)
  2.   Birds in the surrounding country.
  3.   Kynšperk – a town on the geological eras boundary (Geological prehistory and geological youth)
  4.   Meadows vegetation
  5.   Water vegetation
  6.   Forest vegetation
  7.   Fish

Trail length

1 km

Means of locomotion



non-demanding terrain on a firm gravel road leading along the contour line on the foot of a hill


about 30 minutes


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