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Botanical Trail Sokolov


Category: Nature Trails Region: Sokolov and its surroundings Town: Sokolov


The nature trail is focused on the history of Sokolov parks, botany and ecology. There are over 25 stations on the 1.5 km long trail, with information boards. The Botanical Trail, starting in front of Sokolov Chateau and ending by the swimming pool building in Husovy sady Park, is suitable also for the disabled due to its non-demanding terrain.


Board I. – start (Map of the trail, historical development of the parks, list of the nature trail’s stations);

1 Common hornbeam
2 Saucer magnolia
3 Horse-chestnut

Board A (What is dendrology, composition and division of woody plants, reproduction organs of flowers)

4 Small-leaved lime
5 Common ash
6 Caucasian Spruce
7 Tulip tree
8 Honey locust
9 Eastern white pine
10 Turkish hazel
11 Amur Maple
12 White willow
13 Sycamore maple
14 Katsura

Board B (Broadleaved woody plants)

Board II – centre (contents identical with I)

15 Common alder
16 London planetree;
17 Sakura
18 Norway maple
19 European Beech

Board C (Coniferous trees)

20 English yew;
21 Canadian hemlock; station
22 White cedar
23 Silver maple
24 Blue Spruce

Board D (Dendrology points of interests and rarities)

25 English oak

Board III. – finish

(Quiz questions and answers, list of the nature trail’s stations).


Trail length

1.5 km

Means of locomotion



not demanding flat terrain, mostly on paved pathways, wheelchair accessible


about 2 hours


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