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Boží Dar - cross-country skiing


Category: Cross-Country Skiing Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Boží Dar


Cross-Country Skiing Routes near Boží Dar 

Boží Dar is undoubtedly the most popular resort in the Ore Mountains and it goes without saying that its wide offer of sports activities also includes perfectly groomed cross-country skiing routes. In the town surroundings, you will find dozens of kilometres of ski trails suitable for both the youngest cross-country skiers and performance athletes. If you set out from the pub at Špičák along the Ore Mountains Main Cross-Country Skiing Route in the direction of Hřebečná, in addition to enjoying skiing, you can also see a part of the Boží Dar Peat Bog National Nature Reserve, which remains closed to the public for the remaining part of the year, or you can admire the remarkable view of Špičák from the dam of Mrtvý rybník (Dead Pond). Apart from routes ideal for one-day trips or for physically fit cross-country skiers (in the direction of Plešivec, Pernink or Mílov), the ski trail leading along the Path of Baby Jesus nature trail is becoming ever more popular among families with children as it offers refreshment possibilities, as well as various amusements. Increased attention is advised especially on the short circular trail on the Path of Baby Jesus because the trail is frequented by cross-country skiers and tourists on foot, most of which are children. The wide offer of local ski trails is complemented by an extensive network of cross-country skiing routes in the nearby border region of Saxony. The Czech and German routes are interconnected, for example at Hubertky, Tellerhäuser or at more distant Mílov.

Tips for trips:

Boží Dar – Pernink along the Ore Mountains Main Cross-Country Skiing Route 13.8 km

Boží Dar – Myslivny – Crossroads below Špičák – Plešivec 9.6 km

Boží Dar – Barbora – Mrtvý rybník – Boží Dar 20.9 km

Boží Dar – Myslivny – Mílov – Bludná – Hřebečná – Mrtvý rybník – Boží Dar 25.7 km

Short Circular Trail on the Path of Baby Jesus 4.5 km

Long Circular Trail on the Path of Baby Jesus 11.4 km


Up-to-date information on the condition of the cross-country skiing routes is available at the Karlovy Vary Region map portal.


For a map of most cross-country skiing trails and information about their condition, see this map application:


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