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Carl Knoll Porcelain Factory Showroom


Category: Technical Monuments Region: Karlovy Vary and its surroundings Town: Karlovy Vary


In 1842, Carl Knoll, a business man from Karlovy Vary, bought lands and a shop for the production of clay pipes in Karlovy Vary - Rybáře by the Rolava River, where he built a kaolin washing plant for the porcelain factories in Karlovy Vary and its surroundings. His business was successful and, over the following four years, he also built a small porcelain factory with two kilns, in which he produced mugs and cups. After twenty years, a flourishing porcelain factory with four round kilns was standing at the junction in Rybáře. It manufactured spa cups, porcelain figures, and dinnerware for the local hotels. While the produce was of good material quality, its artistic design was consistent with the average standard common at that time. The factory had its own showroom where its products could be purchased.

The Art Nouveau showroom built in 1905 has been preserved and it still stands on the factory grounds. It underwent several reconstructions, yet its current condition is quite deteriorated.


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