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Geocaching in the Region of Karlovy Vary


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The Region of Karlovy Vary and its popular tourist places offer a wealth of treasures in the form of caches – their list is available at You must register first to be able to see the caches details.

Add a bit of adventure to a nice trip…

Would you like to try geochaching?

Geocaching is an adventurous game for anyone with a GPS navigation unit; they are very precise now and will lead you to the right coordinates with centimetre precision. Those who would like to become involved in geocaching can start looking for the hiding places and the caches hidden in them in interesting places after registration at The reward for a successful find is usually hidden in a small box.

There are several basic rules for geocaching ensuring that everyone will enjoy the adventure to the same extent. This applies for example to the exchange of items inside the cache. The value of the item you take from the cache should be at least equivalent to the value of the item you place there but not higher. There are several similar rules. All information about geocaching can be found e.g. at


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