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Jachymov Spa with its unique natural healing resources and a specific spa programme has an important role in West Bohemian balneology. The former mining town is situated in the foothills of the Krusne Hory Mountains at an altitude of 560 - 750 metres above sea level in a region with the largest occurrence of minerals in the world. There are 250 different types of minerals to be found here. The Svornost mine forms an important part of the spa as it is here that the healing radon water is collected and distributed to balneology establishments in the town. The Svornost mine was founded at the same time as the town. The town has enjoyed the status of a free mining town since 1520. During the course of the 16th century the mine was used mostly for mining silver, and later on for mining other non-ferrous metals. Since the mid 19th century the main mineral mined here was pitchstone, firstly used for the production of uranic paints and later for the production of radium and from1946 it was used as a source of atomic energy. Jachymov is the only radon spa in the Czech Republic and its waters have the highest healing radon activity per litre in the whole world.

Indication for Spa Treatment in Jáchymov 

  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Neurological conditions
  • Circulatory system diseases

Radon baths have become a traditional anti aging treatment as they very strongly act against the oxidation stress of the environment on the human organism.

Natural Curative Resources

Radon water acts as the natural healing resource used for spa procedures. The water from all these springs is collected into a pool on the 12th floor and from there it is pumped to a height of 400 metres into an accumulation tank on the Barbora floor. From this tank the radon water is released down to the Daniel floor and distributed via pipes with a total length of 3000m into the individual balneology establishments.

  • Pramen Curie (Curie Spring)
  • Pramen C1 (Spring C1)
  • Pramen Běhounek (Běhounek Spring)
  • Pramen Agricola (Agricola Spring)

Basic Therapeutic Procedures and Health Services

  • Radon Baths
  • The minimum number of baths in order for them to be effective is 10, the maximum number is 24. Bathing takes place six times a week for 20 minutes per session in water that is 36°C with a follow up dry wrap..
  • Rehabilitation - therapeutic PE
  • Physical therapy
  • Massages
  • Water treatment
  • Acupuncture
  • Physical diagnostics and diagnostics using appliances and biochemical examinations
  • Special therapy- Brachyradiumtherapy (so called "Jachymov boxes") - This is a European specialty suitable for the treatment of chronic painful conditions of locomotive organs that do not react to the standard types of analgesic treatments. The treatment uses the anti pain effect of ionising gama rays that are applied locally using the special brachyradiumtherapy method directly on the painful area. The therapy relieves patients from pain for several months.

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