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Kladská Peat Bogs National Nature Reserve


Category: Points of Interest Region: Mariánské Lázně and its surroundings Town: Kladská


It is one of the oldest and largest nature reserves in the Region of Karlovy Vary and the most valuable part of the Slavkov Forest Protected Landscape Area. The Kladská Peat Bogs are a unique set of mountain raised bogs, located 800 to 930 m above sea level, with a total area of over 300 ha.

There are typical species of plants and animals living in the peat bogs, adapted to the local acidic environment and soil with few nutrients. Besides the European Spruce there are also dwarfed woody plants as the mountain pine, mugo pine or downy birch. As to shrubs, Bog Bilberry or the cranberry Oxycoccus quadripetalus do well here. From the herbaceous plants, let’s name the carnivorous plants as the common butterwort and common sundew. The endangered animal species are represented here e.g. by the rare wood grouse or black stork. The European adder and common brown frog are common here as well.

You can walk through a part of the reserve for example by the Kladská Nature Trail, leading through the part of the reserve called Taiga on elevated wooden walkways. More about the nature trail >>


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