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Lázně Kynžvart


Category: Lázně Kynžvart Region: Cheb, Františkovy Lázně and their surroundings Town: Kynžvart


The town Lázně Kynžvart is one of the five major spa centre of the Karlovy Vary Region. Medical Spa Lázně Kynžvart is located in the southwest slope of the Slavkovský Forest at an average altitude of 730 metres.

The spa is not only important for its mineral springs, but also for its climatic conditions, which has been declared by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic as one of four spas with a natural healing sources. Therefore, an important component of treatment is climatotherapy so a large proportion of patients are treated for non-tubercolosis respiratory problems, tract illnesses and with skin diseases. Lázně Kynžvart is the only place in the Czech Republic, where successfully they have treated children with kidney disease and urinary tract infection.

To the year 1950 there were only adults patients treated here but after that only children were treated until the year 2012 when anyone could come here. Right now there is treatment for all age categories - children from year and half to six years with an escort, adolescents and adults. The Advantage of Medical Spa Lázně Kynžvart is its character a spa for families. Because of this, it is possible for the child patient and his/her parent/escort/grandparent to be treated at the same time.

Part of the spa stay is also for the Czech children to go to school. The Spa school is in contact with the child´s permanent school in a way so that the children can follow their normal lessons.

Indications for spa care in Medical Spa Lázně Kynžvart

These diseases are treated for all age groups:

  • Digestive system diseases
  • Diseases caused by metabolic disorders - obesity
  • Non-tuberculosis diseases of expiratory organs
  • Locomotive organs diseases
  • Diseases of the urinary tract and kidneys
  • Skin diseases

Natural healing sources

Climate conditions

  • Exceptional climatic conditions that are based on the location of the hospital.
  • The foothills have an average altitude above 700 metres.
  • The location of the site in the southwestern slope of the Slavkovský Forest (due to the southwest exposure there is 20-30% more intense sunshine, but the year-round average is a lower air temperature).
  • The high and constant humidity is taken from the proximity of mixed forests producing light negative ions.
  • Ideally clean air monitored by own monitoring equipment (year-on-year minimum sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and fly ash).

Mineral springs

  • Mineral water is part of a hot-spring system of cold acidic within a wide Marian spawn area, but only have a deep source of carbon dioxide. Mineral springs are collected in the spa
    • Richard spring water - administered to patients to maintain a drinking regiment
    • Viktor and Helena spring water - are given as a drinking treatment and a mineral carbonic bath for indications of urinary tract and kidney and digestive system diseases
    • Marie spring is only collected, but not used for treatment

Basic teatment procedures and health procedures at Medical Spa Lázně Kynžvart

  • Climate treatment
  • Drinking treatment
  • Inhalation of mineral water
  • Physical Therapy
  • Mechanotherapy - massages, balls
  • Physical training in a swimming pool with water treated with ozone
  • Hydrotherapy - Hubbard bath, Hauffe's bath, alternate foot baths, Scotch sprays, additive baths, hydromassage bath
  • Magnetotherapy
  • Dry carbon dioxide bath
  • Carboxytherapy
  • Paraffin wraps and baths
  • Peat wraps and baths
  • Phototherapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Thermotherapy
  • Diet therapy
  • Health education
  • Diagnostic physical, instrumental and biochemical examinations (spirometry, Oxymetry, myofeedback, uroflowmetry, bladder scan)
  • Other procedures

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