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Mountain Nature Trail Potůčky


Category: Nature Trails Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Potůčky


The circular Mountain nature trail Potůčky focuses on history, geology, mining, forestry, zoology, botany, and ecology. The mountain nature trail starts in front of the train station in Potůčky and ends by the Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary.


  • Potůčky, train station (698 m above sea level; on the nature trail, history of railway and rail transport in Potůčky).
  • 2 “Sluneční stráň” (Sun Hillside) (0.4 km / 740 m above sea level; the long-standing neighbours: Potůčky and Johangeorgenstadt).
  • 3 Rudná (1.2 km; historical ore mining area of Potůčky). Turning: historical border stone from 1672 (300 m and back; information on the border stones at the Czech-Saxony border).
  • 4 “Rudenská hrana” (1.5 km / 840 m above sea level; phyllite rocks at the “Rudenská hrana”, flora and fauna in the inhospitable environment of the rocks). Turning: edge of the “Rudenská hrana” 100 m and back. Information on “Rocky Road” (in the Podleský Creek valley between stations 4 and 5; historical road to tin and silver ore deposits).
  • 5 Pila – paper mill (4.1 km / 752 m above sea level; use of water power in the original wood grinding plant from the 1890’s and a later cardboard manufacture, technical data to the weir and water drive canal).
  • 6 Pila (4.5 km / 771 m above sea level; former settlement of Pila, ore mining, crafts, the Ore Mountain dialect and songs).
  • 7 “Pod pískovcem” (5.5 km / 809 m above sea level; 300 million year of the Ore Mountain graisenite granites and their use).

Board: Podlesí Adit (in the Černá River valley between stations 7 and 8; history of the drainage adit of the mines around the settlement of Pískovec).

  • 8 Černá River valley (5.9 km / 828 m above sea level; descriptive part of the river and valley, use of water power, plants and animals in the river valley).
  • 9 Luhy (6.5 km / 847 m above sea level; extinct mining settlement of Luhy, mining of hematite and cobalt ores, mill for dyes, cobalt blue dye manufacture).
  • 10 Luhy - crossroads (7.5 / 914 m above sea level; switch from mining to tourism at the turn of the 19th and 20th century, building of tourist trails, an observation tower at Blatenský Hill, winter sports and sledding tracks in Horní Blatná, technical monument of the Blatenský Ditch).
  • 11 “Kozí potok” (Goat Creek) (8.6 km / 861 m above sea level; the richest placer mining site for tin ores around Potůčky and Horní Blatná).
  • 12 Iron road (10 km / 816 m above sea level; forests in the Ore Mountains, logging, repeated devastation and renewal of the forests).
  • 13 Stráň (10.7 km/ 790 m above sea level; former mining settlement of Stráň – mining of tin, silver and iron ores, remains of folk architecture).

Board: Nové Hamry road (historical road for transport of the mined ores, direct road from the Stráň settlement to the railway station of Potůčky and the old post road).

  • 14 Stráň – mountain meadows (11.7 km / 779 m above sea level; establishment and use of the mountain meadows, typical plants of mountain meadows).
  • 15 Potůčky – by the church (12.5 km / 710 m above sea level; Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary, from the iron works to the town of Potůčky, history of the town related to mining, current options of sports and recreation).

Trail length

12.5 km

Means of locomotion

walking, for experienced bikers and mountain bikes


Mountain hike with significant climb – the route leads on strengthened forest ways, a road, partly on non-strengthened forest ways and paths.


3-6 hours

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