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Nature Trail – Andělská hora - Kyselka


Category: Nature Trails Region: Karlovy Vary and its surroundings Town: Andělská Hora


The nature trail Andělská hora - Kyselka focuses on natural points of interest, geology and history. The 10 km long trail starts in Andělská Hora, by the church next to the stairs leading to the castle ruin. You can take several “turnings” from the main route and extend your trip by up to 8 km.


  1.   “Andělská hora” (the tale of the founding of the castle, castle history, liverworth, Northern Bat, Western Yellow Wagtail)
  2.   Štichl’s Mill (inhabitation of the place until 1945, Coltsfoot, Alpine Newt, fire salamander, many myths about salamanders)
  3.   Šemnice Rock (European ecology network – EECONET, it is said..., Black Woodpecker, windflower, Eurasian Eagle-Owl)
  4.   “Skalky skřítků” – Gnome Rocks (the tale of the gnomes leaving this country, Tawny Owl, Lesser celandine, geological development, forest structure)
  5.   Lázně Kyselka (the Doupov Mountain springs, Common Lungwort, Common Kingfisher, Aesculapian Snake)

Trail length

Basic 10 km With turnings up to 18 km

Means of locomotion



  • basic 3-5 hours
  • with turnings 5-7 hours (turnings: 500 m to Šemnice Rock, 2 km to Gnome Rocks, 1.5 km to the Bučina observation tower) with turnings 5-7 hours


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