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Nature Trail - Geological Park Mariánské Lázně


Category: Nature Trails Region: Mariánské Lázně and its surroundings Town: Mariánské Lázně


The nature trail Geological Park Mariánské Lázně focuses on geology and geo-botany – geological composition and plant biotic communities of the Slavkov Forest. The trail about 1.5 km long features 24 stations with information boards. The trail starts in the forest-park behind the municipal museum building in Mariánské Lázně and ends there as well.

  • Entrance:  Information board of the Czech-Bavaria geological park with the trail plan
  1.   Mountain granite
  2.   Granite porphyry; Waldstein Memorial (Count Ernst of Waldstein-Vartenberg, +1832 in Mariánské Lázně)
  3.   Ore Mountain granite
  4.   Muscovite granite
  5.   Albite granite
  6.   Greisen
  7.   Quartz vein rock
  8.   Biotite orthogneiss
  9.   Magmatitic gneiss
  10.   Paragneiss
  11.   Double mica schist
  12.   Pyroxene gneiss
  13.   Contact hornblende
  14.   Quartzite;
  15.   a Amphibolite; 15. b Eclogite
  16.   Amphibole gneiss
  17.   Basalt
  18.   Basalt
  19.   Serpentinite
  20.   Serpentinite
  21.   Symbolic cemetery
  22.   Stone stream
  23.   Forest plants
  24.   Forest flowers
  • Parking lot by Hotel Silva (Chopinova Street): Information board of the Czech-Bavaria geological park with a nature trail plan
  • On the slope above the parking lot: Žižkův vrch (Žižka’s Hill) nature reserve (fauna and flora)

Trail length

1.5 km

Means of locomotion



not very demanding terrain used for spa walks


maximum 1 hour

Photo in print quality

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