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Nature Trail – Luby Area


Category: Nature Trails Region: Cheb, Františkovy Lázně and their surroundings Town: Luby


The nature trail focuses on the micro-region’s history and its settlement, industry and agriculture development, geology and ecology of the landscape. There are 17 instructional stations along the 9 km long trail. The trail starts in 5. května Square in Luby.


  1.   Delineation and the terrain profile of the Luby area nature trail
  2.   Violin maker’s sculpture (a symbol of violins and similar instruments’ making in Luby)
  3.   Luby area
  4.   Violin making tradition
  5.   Liberation monument and the Luby area development (after World War II)
  6.   types in the Luby area
  7.   and chateau in Horní Luby (ruins)
  8.   Protected bio-corridors (integration of the Luby area into the international framework)
  9.   Hydrological conditions of the Luby area
  10.   Trade and social life in the border area (before and after World War II)
  11.   Geological integration of the Luby area (turning to the Vysoký kámen nature monument)
  12.   Animal species in the Luby area
  13.   Vegetation in the Luby area and climatic conditions
  14.   Integration of the Luby area into the wider landscape (Eger Basin panorama)
  15.   The board on station 15 is missing.
  16.   Development of the number of inhabitants and national composition (before and after World War II);
  17.   Parish Church of St. Andrew.

Trail length

9 km

Means of locomotion

walking, bicycle


Medium-demanding terrain suitable for family tourism as well. One part (about 1/3) of the trail leads on paved roads, the remaining parts on forest and field paths.


On foot: 2-4 hours, by bike: 1-2 hours


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