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Nature Trail – Seeberg Castle Vicinity


Category: Nature Trails Region: Cheb, Františkovy Lázně and their surroundings Town: Ostroh


The nature trail leading through the vicinity of Seeberg Castle describes the history of the municipality, lower castle area settlement development and crafts development, fauna and flora surrounding Slatinný Creek. You can select from 2 circuits. The shorter one is 800 metres long, the longer one 1,800 metres. There are 10 stations on the trail, starting at the parking lot in front of Seeberg Castle.


  1.   The nature trail “Seeberg Castle Vicinity” (basic information about the nature trail, maps of both circuits)
  2.  Panský Mill (history of mills on Slatinný Creek, life around the former mill ponds)
  3.   Chapel by the natural well (history of the chapel’s origin, wells that do not dry, basin of Slatinný Creek)
  4.   Parish school (history of the school and education in Ostroh)
  5.   St. Wolfgang Church (protected monument used for cultural purposes – see programme at; valuable marble tombstones of the former land owners, bat hideouts in the church basement, a unique scarlet oak by the church wall
  6.   Bridge (on Circuit 1; the bridge as a historical connection of both parts of the municipality, a geological view of the narrow pass of Slatinný Creek in this place)
  7.   Bakery (on Circuit 2; history of crafts and livelihood of the inhabitants of Ostroh, remains of the original acidic soils oak forests in the Slatinný Creek valley)
  8.   Bones mill (on Circuit 2; utilization of water energy for industrial production, geological composition of the Ostroh area on the rim of the Eger Basin)
  9.   Duck Pond (on Circuit 2; remains of open-pit mining of ores, water springs in the vicinity).
  10.  Prüller Restaurant (development of tourism in and around Ostroh in the early-to-mid 20th century, gardens and agricultural buildings as refuges of songbirds)

Trail length

Circuit 1 (red) - 800 m Circuit 2 (blue) – 1,800 m

Means of locomotion



Not demanding terrain with mild climbs and good roads, suitable also for families with children.


The longer circuit can be walked through in about 1 hour.


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