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Nature Trail – “Trail to Nature” – Dalovice


Category: Nature Trails Region: Karlovy Vary and its surroundings Town: Karlovy Vary


You will find the Dalovice chateau park and botanical garden along the route of this nature trail called “Trail to Nature”. The 3 information boards will provide you with interesting information from the fields of forestry, botany and ecology. The nature trail starts at the entrance to the park with the 1st information board. There are 10 more stations in the botanical garden and the arboretum, open on weekdays from April to the end of October.


  1. Dalovice Park (establishment and history, description of species, reconstruction of the park).
  2. The magic of old trees (trees in the mythology of different nations, nature – the best guide to happy living)
  3. Recognizing trees (trees in the chateau park)

There are more information panels in the botanical garden and the arboretum; you will also find 855 species and varieties of angiospermous and gymnospermous plants in the outdoor space and greenhouses, and special collections of medicinal herbs, golf-course and other sports fields grasses and flowers from the Ore Mountains.


  1. Botanical garden plan. Description of decorative trees, shrubs and herbs of the Karlovy Vary Region, data about founding of the botanical garden and technical data.
  2. Recognizing herbs. Beginnings of the botanical system, eight most common families of weeds in the Czech Republic.
  3. Plants – our friends. 200 thousand species of plants, the most common crops and their use (cereals, leguminous plants, oil-bearing crops, root crops, fibre plants).
  4. Plants from the inside. Photosynthesis and synthesis in the plants bodies.
  5. Plants from the outside. Composition of plants, basic terminology and recognition keys, morphology.
  6. Predicting the weather. Meteorology, air mass movement, atmospheric fronts, why do air fronts move.
  7. Our bumblebees and their protection. Organization of bumblebees, how to start breeding bumblebees, biology of bumblebees.
  8. Small animals. The most common and largest orders, zoology systematics (kingdom, phylum, class, type of change).
  9. Forest ants and their protection. Zoology systematics of ants, biology of ants, protection of ants and their enemies, how to build a suitable shelter for forest ants.
  10. Still waters biological communities. Water planet, shoreline reeds, small water animals, food chain in a pond.

Trail length

1 km

Means of locomotion



not demanding flat terrain, park roads and local communications 1-2 hoursour


1-2 hoursour


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