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Nature Trail – Vladař Hill


Category: Nature Trails Region: Toužim and its surroundings Town: Žlutice


The nature trail Vladař Hill focuses on history, nature and monuments around Vladař Hill. The trail starts by the road about 0.5 km above the village of Vladořice (south of Vladař Hill) and ends above the turning of the red tourist trail to the summit of Vladař Hill.


  1.   Meadows under Vladař Hill (Significant landscape feature – natural meadows with occurrence of orchids)
  2.   Vladař Land Association (What are land associations?, Vladař Land Association)
  3.   The nature trail Vladař Hill (introductory text to the nature trail and the list of stations)
  4.   Vladař Hill nature reserve (declared on 23 April 1996)
  5.   Natura 2000 – location of Vladař Hill (What does Natura 2000 stand for?, Why is Vladař Hill in this system?)
  6.   The mystery of Vladař past (There was an acropolis with strong walling there already three thousand years ago. Who built it, when and why it ceased to exist is not known …)
  7.   Archaeological finds at Vladař Hill (the wetland in the cistern – archaeo-botanists’ paradise, discovery of pre-historical wooden constructions around the fortification).
  8.   The Hussite period (a social crisis at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries and the overview of the major event of the Hussite wars from 1415, the Vladař Hill battle, Hussite Žlutice, the Four Articles of Prague)
  9.   Interesting places in the vicinity (Chyše, Protivec, Chlum, Močidlec, Knínice, Nevděk, Verušice, Bochov, Žlutice, Žlutice – dam, Štědrá, Zbraslav, Skoky, Údrč, Kozlov, Toužim)

Trail length

1 km

Means of locomotion

walking,bicycle, mountain bike


very demanding terrain


1-2 hours


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