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Nature Trail – Vysoká Pec – Rudné


Category: Nature Trails Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Nejdek


The nature trail Vysoká Pec – Rudné is focused on history, geology, mining, forestry, zoology, botany. There are 12 information boards on the 9 km long trail. The trail starts in the municipality of Vysoká Pec at the bus stop in front of the Sportka restaurant and it begins – surprisingly – with board No. 3, and then it continues with boards No. 1, 2 and 4. After board No. 4 the other boards come in the correct order.


  1.  Hieronymus mine – history of the mine (736 m)
  2.  Charcoal blast furnace, Rudenský Creek – water drive for the blast furnace operation
  3.  Municipality of Vysoká Pec – history of the municipality (748 m)
  4.  Charcoal kiln – charcoal manufacture
  5.  Water as a condition for life
  6.  Stone dykes delineated plots of land and protected the crops
  7.  Mines and the mine way (827 m)
  8.   Rudenský water ditch – water supply for mines and waterwheel mills
  9.  Rudné – history of the municipality (798 m)
  10.  Spot heights in the vicinity – outlook (Havraní Hill 841 m)
  11.  Animals and plants – influence of medieval colonization and the following decrease in species diversity of fauna and flora
  12.  “Iron Ore Trail” as a medieval “industrial artery” (town hall 748 m; tyre service 720 m)
  13.  Introductory information about the nature trail by the train station in Vysoká Pec (parking lot 748 m; train station 645 m).

The nature trail leads through meadows and forests, often without a clearly marked path or way. Please pay attention to orientation in the terrain, compare the plan with a tourist map and pay attention to the faded tourist markings for a local circuit.


Trail length

9 km

Means of locomotion



Mountain terrain with 200 m height difference


2-3.5 hours


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