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Nordic walking

Nordic walking has become a popular activity in the recent years. It is suitable for people of all age groups, regardless of their physical fitness, and it can be practiced almost anywhere. All you need is to buy or rent the special Nordic walking poles and want to enjoy sport.

Even though Nordic walking is not a technically demanding sport, there are some rules that need to be respected (correct length of poles, correct stride length etc.). It is best to go through the first classes with an instructor who will teach you the proper rules of moving with the poles and then you can continue performing this healthy movement as often as you want.

You can set out for a Nordic walking tour along some of the numerous tourist trails in the Region of Karlovy Vary.

Beneficial effects of Nordic walking:

  • Use of up to 90 % of all muscles (gradual improvement of fitness)
  • Increase of heart rate (heart diseases prevention)
  • Less stress for the legs joints
  • Straightening of back
  • Burning more calories than during conventional walk (up to 600 kcal/hour)
  • Rehabilitation effects e.g. after legs surgery
  • etc.

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