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Ore Mountain Main Cross-Country Skiing Route


Category: Cross-Country Skiing Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains


Ore Mountains Main Cross-Country Skiing Route 

The Ore Mountains Main Cross-Country Skiing Route (Krušnohorská magistrála) is the 41km long arterial ski trail leading along the mountain range. It connects Ore Mountain winter ski resorts and villages from Bublava via Rolava to Jelení, Pernink, Hřebečná and Boží Dar. The entire route is regularly machine-groomed and thanks to an extensive network of connected ski trails, it is easily accessible from Abertamy, Horní Blatná, Nové Hamry, and a number of other locations. Cross-country skiers who do not intend to cover the entire arterial trail but only a certain section and then return back to their starting point can usually take an alternative return route either on the Czech or the German side of the mountain range. All cross-country skiers will certainly welcome the opportunity to refresh themselves in villages, along which the arterial trail leads, or directly along the ski trail at traditional locations in Červené jámy, Hřebečná (caravan) or at Jelení.    

Ore Mountains Main Cross-Country Skiing Route Map (41 km)

Up-to-date information on the condition of the cross-country skiing routes is available at the Karlovy Vary Region map portal 


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