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Přebuz Nature Park


Category: Points of Interest Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Přebuz


The Přebuz Nature Park is located near the municipality of Přebuz, and it also includes the reserves of Velké jeřábí jezero (Great Crane Lake) and Malé jeřábí jezero (Little Crane Lake), Velký and Malý močál (Great and Little Swamps) and Přebuz Heath. It is a spacious complex of raised peat bogs and the forest ecosystems connected to them. You will also find the remains of the former typical historical buildings there. The area is interlaced with underground corridors and shafts left behind after tin mining which form the typical depressions created by cave-ins of the underground mined out spaces. You will find extensive growths of the longleaf pine, with water horsetail, bog cranberry, Carex, carnivorous common butterwort, cotton-grass, and common sundew growing here as well, and also dwarf birches and swamp willows representing the woody plants.

Marked trails lead through the park which will take you to the most beautiful places. We recommend you to stay on them otherwise you would risk falling into one of the former mines.


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