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Rupert Fuchs’ Nature Trail (Nové Hamry)


Category: Nature Trails Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Nové Hamry


The Rupert Fuchs’ nature trail is focused on mining, history and life in the Ore Mountain villages, history and points of interest of the railway of Karlovy Vary – Johangeorgenstadt. The Rupert Fuchs’ nature trail starts and ends at the parking lot in front of Hotel Zívr and leads along the blue tourist route.


  1. Through the vicinity of Nové Hamry (settlements around Nové Hamry were connected with mining; Jelení, Chaloupky, Vysoká Pec, Nejdek).
  2. St. John of Nepomuk Church (history of the most significant monument of the municipality).
  3. Larch by the cross (livelihood of the inhabitants of the Ore Mountains after the fadeout of mining; lace-making, home manufacture of spoons and mother-of-pearl buttons…).
  4. “Hofberg” by the landmark (tin ores mines around Nové Hamry, stone landmarks delineating plots of land).
  5. “Soví huť” (invention of cobalt glass in the now-defunct Soví huť plant).
  6. Memorial of the lost homes (“Even this place, so quiet now, used to be a living home in the past …,” the lost homes of the Ore Mountain inhabitants across the centuries).
  7. Forest gallery of Rupert Fuchs (photographer R. Fuchs as the most famous native of Nové Hamry).
  8. Nejdek Simmering (history and points of interest of the railway Karlovy Vary – Johangeorgenstadt).

Trail length

3.5 km

Means of locomotion

walking, mountain bike


Mountain terrain with significant climb, demanding especially for the bikers


1.5 - 2 hours


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