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Siard’s Spring Nature Trail (Slavkov Forest, Mnichov)


Category: Nature Trails Region: Sokolov and its surroundings Town: Bečov nad Teplou


The circular nature trail Siard’s Spring focuses on nature, history and geology. The trail starts in Mnichov by the road above the church. There are 4 stations with information panels along the 4.5 km long trail.


  1. Mnichov (local descriptive board of the Czech Tourists Club) – Baroque municipal hall with a pillory, Baroque church of St. Peter and Paul with a mummy from the 18th century, former monastery.
  2. Small church of St. John the Baptist (Siard’s Chapel) – the chapel with a hermitage in the place of the former settlement was destroyed during the Hussite wars. An “old picture of St. Siard” was found here in the 16th century, in 1615 the church was renovated by the Teplá Abbot, it was destroyed again during the Thirty Years’ War. Further renewal of the church was carried out in 1664. Then the church was closed down by order of Emperor Joseph II and gradually taken apart for building stone. The legend has it that the grave of the legendary hermit Siard is located near the chapel.
  3. Siard’s Spring (Holy Well) – a spring of a miraculous well, the tradition says that its water has a healing power.
  4. “U mlýna” – By the Mill (only a local descriptive board of the Czech Tourists Club) – with the former Schöppl’s Mill and a manufacture for serpentinite processing and serpentinite decorations in its vicinity. Serpentinite quarries on the foothills of Planý Hill.

Trail length

4.5 km

Means of locomotion



walking Not demanding terrain with mild elevation difference – field and forest paths, overgrown with grass in some places 1-2 hours


1-2 hours


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