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St. Blaise Nature Trail


Category: Nature Trails Region: Toužim and its surroundings Town: Nežichov


The circuit nature trail focuses on history and nature under Třebouň Hill. The trail starts by the road about 1.5 km beyond the village of Nežichov and ends there too.


  1.   Introductory board (significance of the nature trail’s vicinity and reasons for its inclusion to the Natura 2000 System, map of the nature trail, nature trail’s establishing body).
  2.   St. Blaise pond (descriptive part, cultural landscape, nature biotopes around St. Blaise pond).
  3.   Baroque Church of St. Blaise (history of the church, fate of the extinct medieval village of Janovec, memorial tree – the St. Blaise lime).
  4.   Birds on the pond (Birds of the wetlands and shore growths is varied, with rare and endangered species represented …).
  5.   Ponds and mills in the vicinity (tradition of fish farming in the Teplá region, extinct mills on Úterý Creek and its valley).
  6.   Land around us (The landscape is a connection of our generation with the generations of our ancestors, historical events and also an evidence of our behaviour and a message for our children…; Definition of landscape character; Protection of the landscape character).
  7.   Surrounding villages and hills (history of the settlement in the St. Blaise pond hollow, villages in its vicinity, Třebouň Hill, Branišov Hill).
  8.   Meadows around the pond (meadows with short-straw nardus grass, alternately wet moor grasses meadows, non-calcareous moss swamps).

Trail length

2.5 km

Means of locomotion



not demanding flat terrain


1-2 hours



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