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The nature trail Pernink


Category: Nature Trails Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Pernink


Pernink is known primarily as a winter and summer sports resort, but it has a colourful and interesting history. Places of interest along the route describe the 17 information boards. The nature trail leads mainly along maintained paths and is less than 14 km long. The hike along the route may be divided into three shortest loops.


 1. The municipal Building

 2. Public Granary

 3. Church of the Most Holy Trinity

 4. Peat bog

 5. The hamlet Rybná

 6. Textile industry

 7. Statue of Jesus Christ

 8. Skiing in Pernink

 9. Viaduct

10. The Anna mine

11. Ancient mine Assumption of the Virgin Mary

12. Town water tank

13. The town park

14. Mills in Pernink

15. Path to Vlčinec

16. Dragon´s Rock

17. Panorama of Pernink



Trail length


Means of locomotion



not demanding trail leading mostly on paved roads


3 - 4 hours


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