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Water Tourism in the Region of Karlovy Vary


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The Karlovy Vary Region is a popular water tourism destination. Despite the fact that the Ohře River is the only canoeable water course in the region, it offers a tremendous water experience to watermen. The Ohře is the second best flowing river in Bohemia with 242 canoeable kilometres. It springs in the Fichtelgebirge Mountains in Germany where it is called the Eger. The upper course of the river is rather calm, the first rapids begin just before the town of Loket and their number keeps growing up to Karlovy Vary. White water continues up to the town of Kadaň (Region of Ústí nad Labem) where the flow calms down. You may continue further downstream via Nechranice, but the water course is regulated and the weirs are impassable.

Apart from a wide offer of camps and campsites, equipment rentals and other necessary services, the banks of the Ohře River may boast a number of historical monuments, natural points of interest, as well as other popular tourist destinations. The most attractive section of the stream begins near the town of Sokolov. The river bends around Loket Castle and enters the Slavkovský les Protected Landscape Area.

Ohře Water Trail

The Ohře Water Trail with 69 information signboards was built along the river course in 2006. More information >>

Usual start of voyage     Tršnice near Cheb (235.2 river km)

Usual end of voyage       Klášterec nad Ohří (131.5 river km)

Section River kilometre Difficulty:

Selektion River kilometre Difficulty
Cheb - Dalovice 239,8 - 173,5 ZWC
Dalovice - Perštejn 173,5 - 139,0 WWI
Perštejn - Kadaňský stupeň reservoir 139,0 - 125,8 ZWB
Kadaňský stupeň reservoir -  Nechranice dam 125,8 - 103,4 ZWA
 Nechranice dam (confluence with the Elbe) 103,4 - 0,0 ZWB


Dangerous Weirs:

River km 209.0 Hlavno – Černý Mlýn – carry the boat along the left bank
River km 178.3 Tuhnice – Karlovy Vary – carry the boat along the left bank
River km 158.0 Radošov – carry the boat along the left bank

Come and enjoy a great water experience on the Ohře River.

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