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Winter and Summer Sports in the Ore Mountains


Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains


The slopes of Krušné hory (Ore Mountains) offer ideal conditions for winter, summer, as well as year-round sports activities. The mountains are intertwined with a network of paths that are maintained for cross-country skier in winter and for hikers and cycling enthusiasts from spring till autumn. The backbone route linking the mountains on the Czech and German side is the Ore Mountain Main Cross-Country Skiing Route, to which other local routes and paths are connected.

The Ore Mountains spread along the Czech and German border over a distance of approximately 130 kilometres. The highest peak on the Czech side is Klínovec rising to 1244m above sea level.

Winter Activities

Along the route of the Ore Mountains Main Cross-Country Skiing Route, you may find major ski areas and resorts (Boží Dar, Klínovec, Pernink, Bublava, Nové Hamry, Jáchymov, etc.), which offer perfect conditions for skiing, snowboarding, as well as other, less traditional winter activities, such as snow tubing, snow kiting or mushing.

Summer and Year-Round Activities

All winter resorts offer an abundant variety of accommodation facilities and are a great starting point for hiking tours along the numerous tourist paths in the Ore Mountains. The towns and villages that you may visit while exploring the countryside offer not only accommodation and fine cooking, but often also a view of architectonically valuable structures, monuments of mining history, or unforgettable sceneries from the many lookout and observation towers.

With the coming of spring, the offer of activities is enriched with mountain scooter and four wheel motorcycle rides, rope centre climbing, nordic walking, geocaching and many more. The Ore Mountains also offer many interesting nature trails, such as the Boží Dar Peat Bogs, Blatná Water Ditch, Wolf Hollows, or the children's favourite Baby Jesus' Trail, etc.


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