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Alexandr Wüst’s Nature Trail (Abertamy)


Category: Nature Trails Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Abertamy


The Alexandr Wüst’s nature trail focuses on history, geology, and mining. It also illustrates the stories of the citizens from Abertamy and its vicinity, according to the book “25 funny stories from Abertamy”. There are 17 information boards along the 3 km of trail with interesting items from the Abertamy area. The trail is marked with special plastic blue pointer with red pointed tip and the text “Naučná stezka” (“Nature trail”).


  1.  Square in Abertamy (by the central parking lot) – introductory information board
  2.  Plešivec (by the central parking lot)
  3.  Cemetery
  4.  Rybničná (part of the town towards Pernink)
  5.  Mining
  6.  Rock outcropping
  7.  Cross
  8.  Chiba Villa
  9.  Hřebečná (end of the municipality in the direction of Hřebečná)
  10.  Lower mill (Jáchymov road before the turning to Plešivec; a common station of all three Abertamy nature trails)
  11.  House No. 33 – former town hall (street behind the church)
  12.  Church
  13.  Parish garden (neighbouring the Municipal Hall building)
  14.  House No. 14 (half-timbered house across from Vítězná Street)
  15.  Square (in Vítězná street under station No. 14)
  16.  Alexander Wüst and his photographs
  17.  Schools in Abertamy

Trail length

3 km

Means of locomotion



 not demanding terrain leading through the town vicinity


1-2 hours


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