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Bečov Castle & Chateau 


Category: Chateaus Region: Karlovy Vary and its surroundings Town: Bečov nad Teplou


The late Gothic castle and Baroque chateau are a hard to overlook dominant in the town of Bečov nad Teplou situated in the valley of the Teplá River. The library and the chateau chapel are definitely worth visiting during a tour of the chateau interiors. As a particularly valuable example of medieval goldsmithery, the Romanesque Reliquary of Saint Maurus from the first third of the 13th century is much sought after among visitors.

Reliquary of Saint Maurus

The vault of the chateau houses one of the most valuable treasures on the territory of the Czech Republic – the Reliquary of St. Maurus. The reliquary was made in the first third of the 13th century for the Benedictine Monastery in Florennes, present-day Belgium, to hold the relics of St. Maurus, St. Timothy, St. John the Baptist and St. Apolinair. Following the dissolution of the monastery during the French Revolution, the reliquary was bought by Alfred de Beaufort-Spontin who had the reliquary restored and brought it with him to his Bečov estate. When the Beauforts were forced to leave Bečov after World War II had ended, they secretly buried the reliquary under the floor in the castle chapel where it lay hidden for almost 40 years. The reliquary was finally found in 1985, in a very poor condition though. The painstaking restoration of the rare and unique artefact of European significance lasted 11 long years.

The exterior of the reliquary is adorned with 12 reliefs, 14 gilded silver statuettes, precious and semi-precious stones, antique gems, filigree and enamel elements.

Excursion Routes

Route I – Reliquary of Saint Maurus

During an approximately 45-minute guided tour, you will have the opportunity to see the reliquary with your own eyes, you will also watch a film about its discovery in 1985 and macro photographs will familiarize you with its decorations and the work of artists working on its restoration.

Route II – Chateau Interiors

During a less than a 60-minute guided tour, you will learn about the history of the castle and chateau, their architectonic development and their owners. The route will take you through the chambers furnished with furniture mostly from the 19th century. You will also visit the chateau library and the chateau Chapel of Saint Peter.

Route III – Reliquary for everyone

The guided tour and interpretation is adapted to children aged 7-12 years. They have the opportunity to actively participate during the tour. Among other things there is a model of the Reliquari of St. Maurus with removable decor used during the tour, so children themselves can discover its meaning.

Route IV - Walk through the past

Tours for children aged 4-8 years dedicated to the aspects of life in castles and chateaux. Unconventional and a bit adventurous route for children.



Opening hours

Period Days Opening hours
1.4. - 30.4. Sa - Su 09:00am - 4:00pm
1.5. - 30.6. Tu - Sa 09:00am – 4:00pm
1.7. - 31.8. Tu - Sa 09:00am – 7:00pm
1.9. - 30.9. Tu - Sa 09:00am – 4:00pm
1.10. - 31.10. Sa - Su 09:00am - 4:00pm

Admission fee

Admission fee I. Route
II. Route
III. Route
Full admission fee 140 CZK 80 CZK 130 CZK
Children, students, disabled 100 CZK 60  CZK 90 CZK
Seniors over 65 years 100 CZK 60  CZK 90 CZK
Family ticket 380  CZK 220 CZK 350 CZK

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