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Boží Dar Peat Bogs


Category: Points of Interest Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Boží Dar


The national natural reserve of Boží Dar Peat Bogs is located on the edge of the municipality of Boží Dar on an area of slightly less than 1000 ha and it is the largest reserve in the Region of Karlovy Vary. The reserve protects several peat bogs, mountain meadows, heaths and forests about 1000 m above sea level.

The unique nature in the reserve forms a beautiful and impressive landscape unit formed due to long-term and varied historical utilization – by forestry and agriculture, and non-iron ores and peat mining. The peat bog is a biotope of many protected endangered animal and plant species.

  • The most valuable are the mountain pine growths on the peat bogs, bog spruce growth, and important species of bryophytes and lichens.
  • The greatest botanical point of interest of the peat bog is the dwarf birch, a remnant of the last Ice Age.
  • The greatest zoological point of interest is the critically endangered Carabus menetriesi, which lives only on two other places in the Czech Republic besides the Boží Dar peat bog.

A nature trail leads through the peat bog. More >>


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