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Carlsbad Porcelain


Category: Traditional Products Region: Karlovy Vary and its surroundings Town: Karlovy Vary


The term "Carlsbad Porcelain" embraces a long tradition of more than 220 years, as well as premium quality and a world reputation equal to that gained by Czech glass or Pilsner beer. At present, hotel porcelain sets belong among the most sought after products. Since the quality of kaolin from the Karlovy Vary Region, which is the basic raw material used for the making of porcelain, is considered to be one the best in the world and because the local porcelain is made with such artistry and craftsmanship, there is great demand for large and very challenging to make hand-painted vases, small decorative items, as well as for reproductions of the masterpieces of the world's most acclaimed artists on porcelain.

Among the many producers of porcelain in the Karlovy Vary Region, we ought to mention, for example: Leander established in 1966 in Loučky, Moritz Zdekauer in Stará Role, König Porcelain in Svatava, Thun established in 1794, or Haas & Czjzek in Horní Slavkov – the very first porcelain factory founded in Bohemia.

Porcelain products made by the renowned porcelain factories in Karlovy Vary may be purchased either directly in the factory shops and outlets or at any shop or store selling quality porcelain in the Karlovy Vary Region.


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