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Church Tourism in the Region of Karlovy Vary


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Visiting religious sites and monuments, i.e. church tourism, is very popular all around the world. If you belong among church tourism enthusiasts, you will certainly appreciate the fact that, unlike other regions, the Region of Karlovy Vary may boast an amazing concentration of religious monuments and sites. You will mainly find Christian monuments, as well as relics of Jewish sites and cemeteries.

Christian Monuments 

In addition to a large number of churches, chapels and significant pilgrimage sites in the Region of Karlovy Vary, you may also find the Reliquary of Saint Maurus or the newly reconstructed Way of the Cross. Less traditional points of interest include the underground crypt of the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene with a small ossuary.

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Jewish Sites and Cemeteries 

The most valuable Jewish historical monuments were destroyed during World War II by raging Nazis and they were never restored. Nonetheless, you may still find a few maintained Jewish cemeteries and buildings in the Region of Karlovy Vary.

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