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Kladská Nature Trail


Category: Nature Trails Region: Mariánské Lázně and its surroundings Town: Kynžvart


The nature trail Kladská focuses on the biology, history and geology of this important part of the Slavkov Forest. The trail starts in front of the hunting lodge in Kladská and then it continues around the Kladský Pond on the edge of the Kladská Peat Bogs nature reserve, the Taiga part.


  1. The nature trail Kladská – Purpose and significance of protection of the Slavkov Forest, symbol of the protected landscape area and the meaning of the wolf’s bane plant symbol, geological     development of the Slavkov Forest area, woody plants in the former chateau park at Kladská.
  2. Kladská settlement – history of the Kladská settlement, inhabitants of the Kladská pond.
  3. Forest vegetation – the past and present of the forest vegetation in the Slavkov forest.
  4. Fauna of the Kladská peat bogs, formation of raised bogs and peat – salt marshes, transition peat bogs, raised bogs.
  5. Flowering plants of the Kladská peat bogs
  6. Kladská peat bogs national nature reserve – the most valuable parts of the Slavkovský forest, individual parts of the national nature reserve
  7. Dlouhá stoka (Long Ditch) – history of medieval tin mining in the Slavkov Forest and the technical monument of Dlouhá Ditch.
  8. Slavkovský les Protected Landscape Area – Description of the area and the individual locally protected areas in the Slavkov Forest.

Trail length

1.6 km

Means of locomotion



Not-demanding, flat terrain, sandy-gravel roads and elevated wooden planks trails. The trail is wheelchair-accessible.


maximum 1 hour


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