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Komorní hůrka (Chamber Hill) National Nature Monument


Category: Points of Interest Region: Cheb, Františkovy Lázně and their surroundings Town: Františkovy Lázně


Komorní hůrka (literally meaning "Chamber Hill") is a rather inconspicuous hill with elevation of 503 m above sea level located in the flat landscape of the Tertiary Period Cheb (Eger) Basin. It is one of the youngest volcanoes of the Czech Massif, formed at the turn of the Tertiary and Quaternary, 115–15 thousand years ago. The volcano formed on the bottom of an already drying salt lake extending over the territory of today’s Cheb (Eger) and Sokolov Basins.

The extraordinary cultural and historical significance of this inconspicuous hill consists mostly in the fact that it is the best explored volcano in Europe, and possibly in the world. Komorní hůrka was visited and studied by the leading world experts of their time. First reports of a targeted research of the volcano date back to 1766, when Count Zedtwitz ordered the excavation of a 100-metre long adit in hope of finding coal beds. The volcano was interesting for J.W. Goethe as well who was not only a famous poet but also a passionate naturalist. Goethe visited the volcano for the first time in the summer of 1808 and in fact it was he who proposed to have another adit dug to prove if it really was a volcano. The work started in 1826 and about 300 m of adits were dug. The volcanic origin was confirmed only after they came across a conduit in the so called “Dwarfs Hole”. Goethe did not live to learn that. Most of the adits have caved in by now. The last reminder of the period of exploration is a decorated entrance portal.

There is a biking trail and a nature trail leading around Komorní Hůrka. More about the nature trail >>


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