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Mining Museum in Krásno


Category: Museums Region: Sokolov and its surroundings Town: Horní Slavkov


The museum is situated in the tinnery Vilém, built during the WWI. At that time, the lack of raw materials led to the restoration of the mining activity even in the area of Slavkov Forest (Slavkovský les). After the war, a regression came again and in 1921 the Vilém mine was closed. The modern history of the whole Krásno deposit dates from the generous re-opening in 1955. Until 1970, the ore was mined from the Schnöd drift through the Vilém pit; since 1971, the mining was transferred to the new main pit Huber.

In 1991, the mining was terminated and during the following years, the Sokolov Museum acquired the buildings and opened a mining museum there. The first exposition in the building of the former sorting plant of tin ore, where the mining steam engine from 1897 is located, was opened to public in 1998. Today, the history of ore and coal mining in the region is also presented there, as well as the history of the Krásno municipality and the twinning municipality of Bischofsgrün. In 2004, the neighboring premises were opened to public as well; there, the displays of locomotives and carriages with the gauge of 450 and 600 mm (used in the underground of the Slavkov district) and of 900 mm (used in the superficial brown coal quarries) are predominant. You can also visit a sample adit, a mine transport exposition, a mining rescue exhibition, and an exhibition of the municipalities vanished due to the mining activity there; you can also walk along the educational trail as well as a funny environmental trail. From May to October you can try a mining train ride yourself. 


Opening hours

Period Days  Opening Hours
1 Mar – 30 Nov   Wed – Sun 9:00 am - 12:00 am; 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Admission fee

Admission Fee Price
Basic 50 CZK
Discounted 25 CZK
Family ticket 90 CZK
Train ride 20 CZK

Contact data

Address: Cínová 408, Krásno

ZIP: 35731

Phone: +420 606 806 714




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