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Mnichovské hadce Nature Trail


Category: Nature Trails Region: Sokolov and its surroundings Town: Horní Slavkov


The nature trail Mnichovské hadce (“Mnichov serpentinite“) focuses on botany, geology and history. The trail starts by the road between the “Upolínová louka” (Globeflower Meadow) and “Křížky” (Crosses). You will find 9 information boards on the 12 km long trail.


  1.   “Upolínová louka” (a nature reserve protecting a wet meadow with various species and a number of protected plants. Entrance is by a 100 m long wooden pathway with a rest area on its end).
  2.   “Křížky” (a nature reserve protecting rare plant communities and serpentinite rocks biological communities).
  3.    Dlouhá stoka (Long Ditch) (Cultural and technical monument commemorating tin mining in the Horní Slavkov mining area. A unique evidence of the skills of our ancestors).
  4.   ”Hadec” (Serpentinite) (A trip into the geological development of serpentinite, which led to the formation of a unique naturally and geologically significant area).
  5.    Serpentinite grinding plant (history of processing and use of serpentinite for decoration, history of the local serpentinite grinding plants).
  6.   “Pluhův bor” (Pluha’s Pine Wood) (This national nature reserve protects the largest natural serpentinite pine forest in the Slavkov Forest with a number of small serpentinite outcrops).
  7.    Acidulous Mineral Water (The mineral water spring is covered by a gazebo. What a treat to taste this unique mineral water …).
  8.    Dominova skalka (Domin’s Rockery) (Serpentinite outcrop with remains of a heath meadow. The nature monument is named after Czech botanist Karel Domin).
  9.    Nová Ves Acidulous Mineral Water - “Novoveská kyselka” (A station by the former mineral waters bottling plant).

Trail length

12 km

Means of locomotion



Not very demanding terrain – forest paths, trails or small roads (more traffic only in the section going on the road no. 210 Prameny – Mnichov).


3 – 4.5 hours


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