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Mountain Nature Trail: Abertamy – Plešivec


Category: Nature Trails Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Abertamy


The mountain nature trail Abertamy - Plešivec focuses on history, mining past of the settlements and geology. It begins and ends in the town square in Abertamy. The trail is less than 9 km long and you will find 9 information boards along the way.


  • beginning - Abertamy – square (introductory information to the nature trail; 891 m above sea level).
  1.  Abertamy, by the church (church dedicated to the Fourteen Holy Helpers from 1534, half-timbered houses in Pražská Street; 890 m above sea level)
  2.  Plešivec road (history of gloves manufacturing in Abertamy; 843 m above sea level)
  3.  Plešivec (basaltic hill of Plešivec, history of the observation tower on Plešivec and sledding in the first half of the 20th century; 1028 m above sea level)
  4.  Upper Kaff (history of the original German settlement and livelihood of its inhabitants, “botanical garden of the Ore Mountains” with protected plant species; 897 m above sea level)
  5.  Pstruží (history of the former hunting and miners’ settlement, use of water energy, paper manufacturing tradition in Pstruží; 705 m above sea level)
  6.  Modesgrund (history of the settlement in the valley under Šlik’s Mine; 795 m above sea level)
  7.  Šlik’s Adit (the major drainage work of the Abertamy mining facilities; 800 m above sea level)
  8.  Albert Adit (commemoration of uranium ore mining in Abertamy; 826 m above sea level)

Trail length

8.7 km

Means of locomotion



Demanding mountain terrain with climb to the summit of Plešivec Hill. The nature trail leads on forest paths and untended roads.


2.5-4.5 hours


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