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Mountain Nature Trail Hřebečná – Ryžovna


Category: Nature Trails Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Abertamy


The nature trail is focused on history, mining past and geology. The mountain nature trail Hřebečná – Ryžovna runs between the towns of Abertamy and Horní Blatná. There are 9 information boards along its 4 km. The trail starts on the green tourist route about 800 m from the square in Abertamy in the direction of Plešivec (by road No. 219 Abertamy – Boží Dar) and ends by the quarry at Hřebečná.


  • beginning – Description of the nature trail and distances of individual sections
  1.  Swimming pool (development of tourism around Abertamy in the 1930’s, establishment and further fate of the pool “Water and Air Spa” at Hřebečná).
  2.  Ski jumping ramp (history of winter sports around Abertamy and Hřebečná from the early 20th century until now).
  3.  Hřebečná (history of the municipality).
  4.  School (history of education and schools in Hřebečná and Abertamy).
  5.  Mauritius Mine (the most famous tin mine in the Ore Mountains).
  6.  Hřebečná adits (system of drainage and mining adits at the tin deposit of Hřebečná).
  7.  “Schneppova pinka” (one of the largest cave-ins of the mining deposit of Hřebečná).
  8.  Hřebečná quarry (distinctive mountain ridge is formed by volcanic rock with columnar fracturing; protected plant and animal communities).

Trail length

3.8 km

Means of locomotion

walking, mountain bike


medium-demanding mountain terrain, mostly on strengthened or good field and forest ways


2-4 hours


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