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Mountain Nature Trail – Merklín


Category: Nature Trails Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Merklín


The mountain nature trail Merklín focuses on history, geology and natural points of interest. The circuit with 8 stations is almost 8 km long and it starts in front of the train station in Merklín.


beginning:Train station Merklín; 515 m above sea level (introduction, trail map, list of stations)

  • 1 Merklín – ski slope; 0.7 km/543 m (roads and transport in Merklín history, tradition of winter sports).
  • 2 Above the ski slope, 600 m/1.1 km (written history of the municipality, development of industry, monuments).
  • 3 Vlčinec outlook point, 624 m/1.3 km (a viewing place, description of surrounding hills).
  • 4 Dolní Kaff (Lower Kaff), 732 m/2.5 km (history and life in the mountain settlements of Dolní, Střední and Horní Kaff; spring water in the life in the mountain settlements and municipalities).
  • 5 “Nad Bystřicí”, 765 m/2.9 km.
  • 6 Střední Kaff (Middle Kaff) – Čapek’s lime tree; 802 m/3.5 km (fruit tree planting around Kaff, Karel Čapek and the Ore Mountains).
    • Kaff maple, 790 m / 3.9 km (historical road from Lípa to Střední Kaff, sycamore maple with three trunks
    • Zálesí outlook point, 694 m/4.9 km (Lípa settlement, Eliáš Creek valley and hills within view).
    • “Černá tůňka”, 700 m/5.6 km (Sphagnopsida and peat bogs formation).
  • 7 “Kamenná loď” (Stone ship), 694 m/5.8 km (rocks weathering processes).
  • 8 Merklín Beech, 615 m/6.6 km (remains of the original beech woods in the Ore Mountains, beech as a superior air filter).

Trail length

7.7 km

Means of locomotion



Medium-demanding mountain terrain with significant climb


2-3.5 hours


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