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Nature Trail – Baby Jesus Path


Category: Nature Trails Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Boží Dar


A nature trail full of fairy tale characters and attractions for both children and adults. You can choose from 2 circuits: 5.6 and 12.9 km long.

You can set out on the trail from the Info-centre in Boží Dar, where you will get instructions and Baby Jesus’ notebook where children will write their answers to the questions they will find on each station. Each station is dedicated to one character from Baby Jesus’ world. At the same time, there are attractions by the stations where children can have fun or relax. Children will receive small gifts for fulfilling the tasks at the Info-centre where they will return to after the trip. Children under 6 years must be accompanied by their parents (or caregivers) on the trail.


  1.   Queen Větruše with the swing Kládovka and spring swing Koník (Queen Větruše rules all winds, drafts, breezes and gales …; task: Which mushroom you must not eat …?)
  2.   Pírek the Bat with spring swing Koník and swing Kačenka (Pírek the Bat watches over the children’s dreams …; task: Find homes for these animals …).
  3.   Hvězdulka with climbing frame Hrbek and hanging swing Trojnožka (the Hvězdulkas help prepare gifts for good children …; task: What does live in a Czech pond?).
  4.   Ťápula and Šikulka’s balance beam and jumping bars (Ťápula is very handy with all tasks and he can work with anything he touches …; task: Who was here? – join the traces to the animals).
  5.   Fukačo and Poletucha the Lift (Fukačo is quite nice, just a bit mischievous …; task: Select decorations for the Christmas tree).
  6.   Little Dreams (When children snuggle in their beds, they fly to them with arms full of dreams …).
  7.   Nimbusek and Kumulusík with Čamrda the Merry-go-round (Both are a bit scatterbrained servants of the evil Mrakor the Cloud …).
  8.   Skákoš and Sešupka the Slide (Skákoš is a rather wild sprite but he is also smart enough to come up with a mischief or two …).
  9.   Pírek the Bat and the climbing frame Paraván (Pírek the Bat is Baby Jesus’ closest co-worker because he watches over the children and their dreams …).
  10.   Mrakor (Mrakor is a really mean element … he confuses Baby Jesus’ addresses, stows away gifts …; task: Look for differences in the pictures.)
  11.   Pořádníček with Mučírna the Climbing Frame (Pořádníček the Sprite works hard to clean up Baby Jesus’ workshop full of gifts … task: What does not belong to the forest …?).
  12.   Poštístko (the Post Sprite is always very busy…, task: Do you know the colours around you …?).
  13.   Baby Jesus (Baby Jesus rules the Baby Jesus’ World, but he is wise and kind …; task: Which characters belong to Baby Jesus’ World?).

Trail length

Small circuit 5.6 km Large circuit 12.9 km

Means of locomotion

walking, bicycle, cross-country ski


medium demanding mountain terrain


  • Small circuit 2-3 hours by foot
  • Large circuit 4-6 hours by foot

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