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Nature Trail from Stará Role to Nová Role


Category: Nature Trails Region: Karlovy Vary and its surroundings Town: Karlovy Vary


The nature trail leading from Stará Role to Nová Role is suitable for both children and adults. It is full of domesticated and wild animals, nature and new knowledge. The trail starts behind the gardening colony in Stará Role (Rolavská/Palackého Streets), leads through the Rolava River valley and ends in Nová Role in Polní Street. There are 18 information panels along the 3.5 km long trail.


  1.  Introductory board
  2.  Stará Role
  3.  Small water power plants
  4.  Forests
  5.  Ponds
  6.  Organic food products
  7.  Agricultural Secondary School
  8.  Kozodoj Farm
  9.  Rolava River
  10.  Introduced plant species
  11.  Horses
  12.  Cows
  13.  Sheep and goats
  14.  Meadows
  15.  The Ore Mountains’ panorama
  16.  Kaolin
  17.  Nová Role
  18.  Introductory board

Trail length

3.5 km

Means of locomotion

walking, bicycle


not demanding flat terrain


1.5-2.5 hours


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