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Nature Trail – Great Ore Mountain Spoil Tip


Category: Nature Trails Region: Sokolov and its surroundings Town: Sokolov


The nature trail of the Great Ore Mountain Spoil Tip is focused on geology, botany, zoology, ecology and landscape reclamation after open-pit mining. The nature trail begins by the road, 1.5 km over Lomnice in the direction to Vintířov (parking lot, board at station 1).


  • Soil heap and what else? (coal mining and reclamation, schematics of a quarry and spoil tip, safety instructions for movement on the nature trail)
  • Water in the spoil tip (movement of water, composition, chemical changes in water, examples of chemical composition of water, influence on living organisms)
  • Artificial reservoir with introduced biotic communities (succession of water reservoirs on the spoil tip, transfer)
  • Forest reclamation
  • Introductory stage of the spoil tip development (dry land organisms, water reservoirs, water reservoirs made artificially by explosives)
  • A Problems with iron (source of iron, mechanism of condensation and retention, water streams polluted by iron)
  • B Advanced stage of the spoil tip development (dry land plants, wetlands, diversity of location)
  • Natural ecological systems (small mammals, birds, predators)
  • A Hunting and game management at the spoil tips
  • B Speeding up of the development in the reservoir by transferring biotic communities (history of the reservoir, salt marshes, amphibians in the spoil tips)
  • Forest reclamation using natural seeding
  • Formation of a spoil tip (transport of the overlying rocks, problems with stability, overall data about the spoil tip and its schematics)
  • Wetlands (definition and function in the landscape, protection of wetlands on the national and international level, wetlands on the territory influenced by coal mining, meander wetland, shrub wetland).

Trail length

3.2 km

Means of locomotion



not very demanding terrain


1-2 hours


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