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Nature Trail – Horní Blatná – Vlčí jámy


Category: Nature Trails Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Horní Blatná


The nature trail Horní Blatná – Vlčí jámy focuses on geology, history, mining, ecology and forestry. The trail begins and ends in Sv. Vavřinec Square in Horní Blatná. There are 7 interesting stations with boards on the 4 km long trail.


  1.   Welcome to Horní Blatná (Horní Blatná as a centre of medieval mining of tin ore, history and the beginnings of the town).
  2.   Tin deposits (geological overview of the wider area, placer-mining site and waste heaps under Blatenský Hill).
  3.   “Blatenský příkop” (Blatná Ditch) (supply of water for mining purposes).
  4.   Forests (utilization of Blatná forests in historical context).
  5.   “Ledová jáma” (Ice Pit) (a cave-in of a mine after deep mining of tin ore).
  6.  “Vlčí jámy” (Wolf Hollows) (a cave-in of the Wolfgang Mine).
  7.   House No. 127 (museum of tin ore mining).
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Trail length

3.8 km

Means of locomotion



Medium-demanding route with significant climb on good field and forest ways


1-3 hours


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