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Nature Trail – “Jáchymov Hell”


Category: Nature Trails Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Jáchymov


The nature trail “Jáchymov Hell” describes the history of ore and uranium mining in the Jáchymov area, life of the political prisoners in the 1950’s, geology, forestry, ecology and construction and historical points of view of Jáchymov. There are 12 instructional stations with information boards on the 8.5 km long trail. The trail begins in Jáchymov in the town square and ends in front of the museum.


  1.  Introductory text to the nature trail in front of the St. Joachim Church (710 m)
  2.  Mine “Svornost” (Concord) (750 m)
  3.  Mining open-air museum of the Barbora Association
  4.  Camp “Svornost” (770 m)
  5.  Municipal pond
  6.  Camp Nikolaj (934 m)
  7.  Mine Eduard (900 m)
  8.  Ecological station – forests
  9.  Ecological station – Hot pond
  10.  Camp Eliáš (840 m, turning to the Scout Cross 200 m)
  11.  Camp “Rovnost” (Equality) (940 m)
  12.  Šlik’s Castle (814 m)

Trail length

8.5 km

Means of locomotion



demanding mountain terrain


2-4 hours


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