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Nature Trail – Lítov Spoil Tip


Category: Nature Trails Region: Sokolov and its surroundings Town: Habartov


The nature trail Lítov Spoil Tip focuses on geology, mining, ecology, landscape reclamation after open-pit mining. Set out for a trip around an artificial water reservoir at the spoil tip located between Chlum Svaté Maří and the newly built recreation zone of Habartov–Boden.


  1. Lítov spoil tip (how and why it was created).
  2. The environment of the spoil tip (soil composition, conditions for plant growth and life of organisms in the lagoon and its surroundings).
  3. Reclamation.
  4. Pioneering plants.
  5. Cheb (Eger) basin (formation of the basins under the Ore Mountains).

Trail length

2.2 km

Means of locomotion

walking, bicycle


not demanding terrain


maximum 1 hour


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