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Nature Trail – Spa Forests, Mariánské Lázně


Category: Nature Trails Region: Mariánské Lázně and its surroundings Town: Mariánské Lázně


Nature Trail – Spa Forests, Mariánské Lázně The nature trail of spa forests in Mariánské Lázně presents a wide collection of different topics, focusing on spa care, history, geology, mining, forestry, zoology, botany and ecology. There are 23 stations awaiting you on over than 5 km of forest trails, full of interesting information.


  1.  Prelate’s Spring
  2.  Riparian forests
  3.  Pott’s valley
  4.  Spring in the spa forests
  5.  Pirate’s Spring
  6.  Geology
  7.  Spruce growths
  8.  Works in the spa forests
  9.  Beech woods
  10.  Slavkovský les Protected Landscape Area
  11.  Introduced woody plants
  12.  Outlook points
  13.  Climatic function of the forest
  14.  Cloven-hoofed animals
  15.  Winter sports
  16.  Hamelika observation tower
  17.  Famous visitors
  18.  Scree slopes forests
  19.  Introduced herbaceous plants
  20.  Fauna and flora
  21.  Fairy-tale path
  22.  Outing locations
  23.  Role of forests in water economy

Trail length

5.2 km

Means of locomotion



A less demanding mountain hike on good forests paths. There is a significant climb especially in Pott’s valley, and then the trail drops down from the Hamelika observation tower to Prelate’s Spring.


1.5 - 3 hours


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