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Neuberg Castle Ruins


Category: Castle & Chateau Ruins Region: Aš and its surroundings Town: Podhradí


The ruins of Neuberg Castle may be found on a high rocky buttress over Ašský Brook in the village of Podhradí (literally meaning "Extramural Settlement"). The castle was built in the early 13th century to guard the road leading from Aš to Elster in Saxony and it also became main centre of the demesne of the Zedwitz family in the area of Aš.

The castle was damaged a number of times but always repaired. Its fate was sealed by a devastating fire in 1906, after which it was definitely abandoned and gradually fell into disrepair. Today, we may only see the original early Gothic cylindrical tower, which rises to 22 metres and dominates the surroundings.


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