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Nové Hamry Trail


Category: Nature Trails Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Nové Hamry


The nature trail in the vicinity of Nové Hamry focuses on history, geology, mining and natural points of interest. It is 6 km long and there are 8 informative stations. The Nové Hamry trail begins and ends at the parking lot in front of Hotel Zívr and leads along the red tourist route.


  1.  Above the Nové Hamry rock (history of the municipality and tin ores mining).
  2.  Above the train station (about the railway and station in Nové Hamry).
  3.  Winter in Krušné hory (Ore Mountains) (Little Ice Age in the 17th century and tourism and winter sports in Nové  Hamry and its vicinity at the present time).
  4.  Agrarian walls (formation and significance of stone drift for agriculture and historical division of the landscape).
  5. “Pod Pajndlem” (Under Pajndl) (valuable peat bog, an observation tower on Tisovský Hill).
  6.  “By the chapel” (chapel from 1739, information on small sacral buildings in the vicinity).
  7.  Ore Mountain dishes (…we probably would not be all that excited about many of the folk dishes from the Ore Mountain cuisine …).
  8. “Vlčí kout” (Wolf’s Corner) (Jelení Hill nature park, Rolava River valley, Geology of the Ore Mountains).

Trail length

6 km

Means of locomotion

walking, mountain bike


Mountain terrain with significant elevation, demanding especially for the bikers


2-3 hours


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